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Case study
Legalization of employment of foreigners

How we recruited and hired workers from the Philippines for our automotive client.



In the spring of 2022, shortly after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, our client was facing a problem of a "brain drain" of Ukrainian workers. They approached us to find a solution together and ensure operational continuity at their facility. Would you like to learn how we assisted our client and what we offered?


The "brain drain" of Ukrainian workers occurred as individuals left to save their families and defend their homeland. This resulted in a decreasing number of available workers at the automotive parts warehouse, leading to difficulties in maintaining a smooth supply chain.


Convincing the client to be open to hiring workers from Southeast Asia.

Recruiting workers from countries in Southeast Asia, rather than relying solely on Ukrainian labor.

Limited time to ensure continuity in the client's supply chain at their facility.



Joint meetings

during which we discussed potential directions for recruiting workers who would provide similar quality of work to Ukrainian employees.


Client's final decision

we decided to explore hiring Filipinos, who are known for their loyalty, hard work, lower turnover rate compared to Ukrainians and Belarusians, and offer similar productivity. Additionally, many of them have good English language communication skills.



We initiated the recruitment process by engaging our Asian recruitment team and marketing department, which strongly supported our efforts in this regard. To expedite the entire recruitment process, we focused on reaching out to candidates who were already in Poland.


Employment coordination

our legal department started the procedure of obtaining work permits for the recruited individuals.


Accommodation and transportation to work

We secured accommodations for the potential workers and ensured transportation to and from work. We took cultural differences into account, considering the variances between Filipino and European workers.


In early June 2022, in line with the client's expectations, we successfully introduced the first Filipino workers to the warehouse. Thus, we managed to complete the entire recruitment, legalization, and employment process within 2.5 months.

The culmination of the process is a permanent team of Filipinos, who now make up one-third of our entire workforce.

The client is highly satisfied with their work to the extent that, with the current increase in demand, they specifically request workers from the Philippines.



Building a permanent team of Filipinos within 2.5 months.


Achieving 100% client satisfaction.


Receiving additional orders from the client exclusively for Filipino workers.


Matching the right solutions to the encountered problems and thoroughly mapping them at the beginning of the project contributed to achieving such excellent results in such a short time. Our agility and ability to work under time pressure are distinguishing factors that allowed us to efficiently fulfill the task.

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Legalization of employment of foreigners

How we recruited and hired workers from the Philippines for our automotive client.

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