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Recruitment and consulting services

Temporary work

Temporary employees can be an ideal solution for companies facing problems associated with high turnover and seasonality due to the specifics of a particular industry.

Our services, allow them to access qualified employees for a limited period of time, without having to hire them permanently.

Your company is struggling:

Need to periodically increase productivity

Have you accepted a large order, but now don't have the capacity to fulfill it? We know that companies may need more employees at certain intervals, such as during the holiday season or before the holidays. Hiring temporary workers allows a company to flexibly adjust its workforce to meet changing needs

Employment costs are high

Compared to permanent employment, hiring temporary workers can be cheaper for a company because there is no need to pay additional insurance premiums, health insurance or vacation costs.

Do you need a large number of workers with specific skills?

A lot of orders have come in, however, you know that without the right amount of UDT staff you won't embrace it?

Staff rotation

Do you want to solve the problems of turnover, frequent absences and lack of discipline in the team ?

Difficulties related to recruitment and selection of candidates

A flurry of administrative duties

Is your HR department tired of recruiting, calculating multiple salaries, constant training and deployments and on top of that keeping an eye on Social Security and advance tax payments?

Temporary worker services can provide a solution for companies facing these problems, allowing them to access skilled workers on a temporary basis without having to hire them permanently.

With Eurokadra, you gain easy and quick access to employees who are the perfect fit for your company. Our recruitment services will help you find the best candidates for the positions you need and provide you with support in their implementation and management.

With our recruiting expertise and experience, we will find and supply your company with Asian and Latin American employees who have the right skills and experience. Whether you need a few people for a short period of time or an entire team for a longer period, you can count on us.

The way we operate


You fill out the form

We contact you within 48h and together determine how many and what kind of employees you need.


You get an offer tailored to your needs

You choose APT or Process Outsourcing


We proceed with your order

The benefits of working with us

Effective recruitment

Thanks to our own recruitment network and in-depth knowledge of the labor market, we find employees with unique competencies and experience.

Tailoring to your needs

We ensure the delivery of employees with the required skills. This way you can be sure that the people you hire will meet your requirements.

Flexible billing models

You can choose from a variety of billing models, including temporary work.

Full responsibility

As Eurokadra, we take full responsibility for our employees. We not only take care of formal and legal issues, but also supervise their discipline and work efficiency.

Rapid recruitment

We provide fast sourcing of candidates even for large groups of employees. Without intermediaries and unnecessary delays.

Implementation support

We will help you prepare new employees for your organization, which will reduce turnover and accelerate the achievement of business goals.

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Case study

Case study
Recruitment and consulting services

How we sourced and hired 40 UDTs in 3 months.

What do our customers say about us?

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  • SPM Poland

    The agency within the framework of cooperation provides logistics services. The company considers us a recommendable reliable partner in business relations.

  • DGD Company

    An enterprise that has trusted us with its activities related to PFRON. The advice of our specialists allowed us to generate savings and the proper functioning of the system

  • Mid Ocean Logistics Poland

    We presented ourselves to Mid Ocean Logistics Poland as a professional and reliable agency for recruiting qualified employees

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