Recruitment – Consulting Services

Recruitment – Consulting Services include:

  • Providing widely understood services consisting in recruitment and selection of candidates for specified workplaces, where can be employed persons disabled in various forms,
  • Implementation of advisory services – consultation concerning statutory obligations and powers of employer resulting from the employment of people with disabilities as defined in the Act on vocational and social rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons. (Journal of Laws from 2011 No. 127, poz.721);

Area of these services are covered by the following:

  • HR- accounting training services in the sphere of application of the provisions of the labor code and the law on vocational and social rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons (Journal of Laws from 2011 No. 127, poz.721)
  • Conduct training / briefing filling out applications for funding to salaries disabled employed in the SODiR system,
  • carry out the instruction proper completing declaration and information in the E-PFRON system,
  • preparing on behalf of the client application concerning equipment/ adaptation of workstation for disabled persons,
  • Preparation of documents and certificates required for registration personnel of the employer (judgment of the degree of disability, certificate from occupational doctor confirming the ability to work and a certificate from doctor confirming that employee has one of the special diseases) included in the Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 18 September 1998 . on types of diseases justifying the reduction the employment rate of people with disabilities and ways to reduce it,
  • conducting first inspection of applicants for employment workplaces in case of employment for telework, on meeting the requirements of safety and hygiene at work before starting the employee telework.

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