Optimizing costs related to PFRON

According to Polish legislation employer who does not employ 6% people with disabilities in his company, must make payment of a specific amount to the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities. Mandatory contributions can be avoided by giving a sufficiently high rate of employment people with disabilities. Moreover, deciding on their employment, you can apply for a subsidy for newly created workplaces. Obligations related to PFRON often turn out to be too complicated procedure. Auditing group Eurokadra is a tool that will help you in choosing the optimal solution and facilitate its introduction, while minimizing the costs incurred in connection with the fund.

Benefits drawn from the audit 

Audit conducted by us represents a real reduction of costs for PFRON. Professionally made analysis allows you to determine which solution indicated in the legislation is the most optimal in terms of economic development for individual company. Reduction of costs is approximately 60% and in case of using terms proposed by us- up to 100%.

What is an audit?

Conducted to optimize the PFRON audit is based on expert analysis of the determinants of company policy and selecting the best solution. This shall be done two tracks by:

  • analysis of the state of employment,
  • analysis of workstations.

Based on the analysis of state of employment in the company amount of obligatory payments to the fund is indicated. The analysis of workplaces allows you to determine the employment opportunities for people with disabilities and reducing the cost of PFRON. Auditing in this area includes:

  • indication of potential workplaces suitable for people with disabilities in the enterprise,
  • determination of specifics of the workplace and the most favorable choice of technology from the perspective of dysfunction and possibilities of employed persons with disabilities,
  • preparation of an application for a refund costs of adaptation or creation of new the workplace for workers with disabilities.

Effects of the audit

The results and conclusions drawn on the basis of the audit lead to the selection of the most appropriate activities and bring real benefits. Possible options include:

  • establishing cooperation with other enterprises that employ people with disabilities,
  • recruiting an adequate number of employees with the ruling of the degree of disability,
  • possibility of obtaining subsidies for the workplace for disabled person.

Eurokadra after careful analysis of the results of the audit selects the optimum solution for run your business. The result of the audit is also to equip entrepreneurs with a range of economic and legal tools and information required to carry out the selected activity. Every solution brings the minimization of costs for PFRON, and even tangible benefits associated with the return of investments in adapting workplaces.

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