The purpose of the audit is to analyze:

  • employment status in the audited entity;
  • the amount of mandatory payments (penalties) paid for PFRON, due to not reaching required by act on the vocational and social rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, 6% rate their employment;
  • possible solutions to get grants to salaries at the employment of people with disabilities;
  • other – than the employment of people with disabilities – opportunities to reduce fines paid for PFRON, eg. through the cooperation with other employers who employ them.

In addition, to the needs of the audit will be performed analysis workstations, which will allows for:

  • identification workplaces in employment structure of your “entity” that can deal with people with disabilities;
  • pointing necessary adaptations of workplace to compensate disabilities of employees with  various dysfunctions by using modern technologies;
  • design of professional workspace for disabled workers, in accordance with the requirements of the National Labour Inspectorate;
  • preparation applications for refund the cost of adapting or creating a new workplace (which are respectively 15 and 20 -times the average wage);

This analysis will focus on the fulfillment of a statutory obligation under Art. 21 paragraph 1 of the Act of 27 August 1997. concerning vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities.

An employer who employs at least 25 employees converted into full-time work shall, subject to paragraph. 2-5 and art. 22, to make monthly payments to the Fund, in the amount equal to the product of 40.65% of the average salary and the number of employees corresponding to the difference between employment ensuring the achievement of the employment rate of disabled people in the amount of 6% and the real employment of people with disabilities.

This obligation can be implemented without much financial effort, on the contrary: to bring a longer period of time rather substantial savings due to the reduction of the monthly “punishment” for PFRON. This analysis will take into account the current legislation relating to the employment after fulfilling quoted article of the Act and the obligations and privileges of reaching in the wake of this.

In addition, we present opportunities and existing legal- economic instruments, with the participation of which it will be possible to initiate formation the audited entity of new workplaces for people with different disabilities, and above all the use of statutory rights of employer provided by Polish law.

This analysis will be possible after presentation of relevant information on the current level of employment, together with the organizational structure of the entity and data necessary to carry out a reliable audit (no delicate data).

Based on the analysis of the creation of positions list, along with a complete specification of the necessary organizational requirements, architectural and hardware, and taking into account the specific needs of the disabled worker. The audit results are compiled form of the report, containing specific solutions that the employer can use in creating a personal policy of equal opportunities.

Collected data, based on quoted valid legal acts will indicate directions allowing reduction of the amount “mandatory donation” transferred to PFRON, obtaining subsidies for disabled employees and the use of other instruments of the labor market of people with disabilities.

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