Personnel – payroll service and business tax consulting

Eurokadra offers professional personnel- payroll service for companies. We support our partners comprehensively in the field of tax, representing their interests and explaining the intricacies of tax law. Supporting entrepreneur and relieving him in these activities, we enable him to focus on other aspects of the enterprise.

Our offer of service in the area of tax advisory includes:

  • representation of taxpayers at tax authorities,
  • representation of taxpayers at the court,
  • editing explanations and appeals against decisions of tax authorities,
  • preparing advice, opinions and explanations in the field of tax liabilities.

Human resources services offered by Eurokadra group includes:

  • keeping records of personnel documentation, absenteeism records, periodic examinations OHP training,
  • preparation of documents relating to employment relationship, personnel reports,
  • determining entitlements to leaves and severance pay, compensations, equivalents,
  • providing data and giving explanations on matters covered by the service provided in the course of inspection of Labour Inspectorate and The Social Insurance Institution.

Payroll service includes:

  • calculation of salaries, severance pay, compensation and cash equivalents, grants and benefits paid to employees due contributions and income taxes,
  • determining entitlement to grants and financial benefits due to staff,
  • preparation of settlements with the Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office and reports, statements – sending them to the competent authorities,
  • conducting among others paid records, grants, employee records of debts,
  • providing data and Giving explanations on matters covered by the service provided during the inspection of the Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office

We also offer services in the field of creating payroll:

  • preparation of payroll – calculation of wages under the various agreements,
  • calculation of income tax payments from individuals,
  • calculating social security contributions,
  • preparation of tax declarations and the Social Insurance declarations,
  • running pay cards,
  • preparation of annual information about obtained income and collected advance payments,
  • for income tax from individuals,
  • annual tax treatment of employees who, in accordance with the law if employee requested so,
  • electronic or papery preparation of transfers,
  • preparing payslips and information of Social Insurance Institution contributions for employees.

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