Employee leasing

Employee leasing is becoming increasingly popular method of employment. Services run by Eurokadra in its range bring both sides many visible and measurable economic and organizational benefits.




What is employee leasing?

Employee leasing consists in hire workers by the company to another operator under Article. 1741. Labour Code. As a result of an agreement between the parties employee agrees to perform certain duties within the prescribed period. This solution is beneficial for both companies. The parent company does not have to bear the costs of social insurance, salary or income tax. Rental company on the other hand acquires qualified personnel with rich experience. It is worth mentioning that the staff leasing is different from temporary work. The employer in this case becomes a company with which the employee make employment relation for a limited time, while in the case temporary work the employer is a native temporary employment agency.

Employee in leasing system

Employee makes employment relation as a result of the consent in written and agreement made by companies. In pursuance thereof shall be created an employment contract, in which shall set out new responsibilities. The employee is therefore aware of the type of work and ordered tasks. Leased employee is subjected to provisions of the Labour Code. By the time of his hiring employment relation with the parent company takes the form of unpaid leave, which is included in the work experience. The new employer provides an employee a contract of employment. It allows the application for leave and to benefit from sick leave. Employee during the rental period has full rights to their contract of employment law.

Employee leasing contact

Execution of an agreement between the employers takes the form of a contract of rental. It should contain the following information:

  • the period of work of employees in the company, which uses the lease,
  • the type of work and the character of contracted duties,
  • amount of remuneration for the leased employee.

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